At Retirement Prosperity Group we believe that Retirement Plan Insurance is an essential foundation and is the only way to protect our clients against longevity. In fact the vehicles that offer a guaranteed income for life are the ONLY form of longevity insurance.

Fixed Indexed Annuities As Guaranteed Income for Life  

We don’t paint a picture about how perfect a fixed indexed annuity is for everyone. In fact, these may make sense for some clients as part of an overall plan. Annuities themselves are not a retirement plan and should not be promoted as such.

In a basic Fixed Indexed Annuity you have the possibility of participating in market like rewards without the risk with full downside protection.

There is another “flavor” of Fixed Indexed Annuities that offer an income for life component. These annuities will typically have a guaranteed* interest rate annually to the income account value, not based on market indexes, guaranteed rates will continue each year until such time as you begin income. Once income begins you lock in your annual income amount and you would get a paycheck for life, no matter how long you live. If you are married, in the annuities we offer, that paycheck would last for your spouse’s lifetime as well.

Because we are independently owned and operated we are not beholden to one or two companies, at Retirement Prosperity Group we have a proprietary software program that allows us to help the client select from dozens of companies and products. If someone is offering you a guaranteed income annuity ask that person to show you (ask to see it with your own eyes) how many companies and products they compared to help select the best choices for you.

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