Social Security is a guaranteed source of income for life – which means we get it no matter how long we live. So making the most of it is a crucial component in any complete retirement plan.  

There are many factors that affect how and when we should claim, are we married, single, divorced, widowed and many more. 

As most of us know the earliest age we can claim social security is 62, filing then would mean an 80 percent reduction in the ‘full’ benefit amount. Every year after 62 that we delay claiming the benefit grows by approximately eight percent, with Full Retirement Age for Social Security varying based on your Date of Birth, originally it was 65 and each decade later the age was pushed out – meaning the latest DOB being 1960 onwards with a Full Retirement Age of 67. Further if you collected your benefit at age 70, instead of 62 your benefit would be approximately 67 percent higher – for life. 

But it’s not only how much of a benefit do we want, the real question is what is the best way to maximize the benefit for your specific situation. Every person or family should have a social security maximization plan; including how to reduce taxation of the benefit itself, where possible. Many people still don’t know that Social Security benefits themselves are subject to as much as 85% taxation. 

That is why we offer the most comprehensive social security maximization report available in the industry to every person or family we meet with – free of charge. 

Call us today to get your free report! No cost or Obligation.

Call us today to get your free report! No cost or Obligation.

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