Life Insurance can be used at different phases of our lives to achieve various goals – most people are familiar with the most popular option – Term Life. When we are young and raising a family or have a mortgage we want protection in case we pass away and our family needs to replace income or to pay for the care of the kids that one of the spouses provided, etc.

Not only do many people no longer know of the value of life insurance as a retirement vehicle, but most people are unaware of the changes in the life insurance products available that make some form of life insurance a valuable adjunct to a wealth-preserving retirement strategy.

Permanent life insurance policies (not variable life insurance) provide security for those left behind if you should die and many offer a savings component that enables you to build your nest egg as you provide protection for your family. Some of these even offer guaranteed returns tied to market indices, similar to fixed index annuities, and many can be tailored to provide long-term care benefits as needed. These can be a valuable component of an overall wealth-protection strategy in retirement.

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