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Amada Senior Care

At Retirement Prosperity Group, holistic planning does not just mean all of your financial needs. We also realize that, later in life, clients or their family may need care. Therefore, we have carefully selected partners in this area whom we know and trust.

Amada is one such care provider. They can help with every level of home care, assisted living, care placement and other care services and coordination. They’re also set apart by their high level of experience with the in’s and out’s of long-term care policies, often assisting in activating policy funds to help clients get the money they need to pay for their care.

Kevin and Kelly Fehr, the owners of Amada Senior Care in Bucks and Montgomery Counties, truly understand how families feel about caring for aged loved ones because they’ve been there. They’ve seen firsthand how quality in-home care can make a tremendous positive impact on seniors and their families. The Fehrs know this from their own personal experience caring for the beloved elders in their own family.

Says Kevin, “My grandfather lived to be 102 and spent eight years with round-the-clock, in-home care. His caregivers were like angels by his bedside. Not only did this benefit my grandfather, but it allowed my mother and uncle to be a true daughter and son, instead of caregivers. It was such an amazing experience.”

Adds Kelly, “Pop-Pop had a wish. He wanted to stay in his home—the home he had built himself in the ’50s. Through in-home care, he was able to see that wish come true.”

Hands-on caregiving also has been the experience of Rich Wright, vice president of business development for Amada Bucks and Montgomery Counties. Rich was a Navy medic for five years and spent time at a VA hospital caring for senior veterans. “Now, I have the opportunity to serve my country and our seniors once again,” Rich says.

At Amada Senior Care in Bucks and Montgomery Counties, we understand how families feel about caring for aging loved ones because we’ve been there. Not only are we dedicated to making each senior’s life as safe as possible, but also as enjoyable as possible. This means that we go beyond traditional caregiver tasks like housekeeping and meal preparation. We look for ways to enrich clients’ lives by finding out what is most meaningful to them and in doing so, we make every day special for each client. It is this kind of personalized care upon which we have built our reputation in Bucks Montgomery and other communities.

If home care is not the best option for your beloved senior, our Amada team will help you explore all senior housing options until you are certain your loved one is exactly where he or she needs to be. We can also help you understand the many resources and options available to help you pay for senior care. We’ll even sit with you and fill out the claims and paperwork.

Our goal at Amada Bucks Montgomery is to walk with seniors and their loved ones through every step of their senior care journey. Because when you’re a part of the Amada family, we’re all in this together.