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Daniel Barram, RICP®

Lead Investment Advisor Representative

Daniel is a Retirement Income Certified Professional® and a Case Design Expert. Daniel oversees the proprietary client plans we use in the Retirement ProsperityRoadmapTM process and directs the Case Design Team at Retirement Prosperity Group, which consists of Investment Advisors, CFPs and CPAs.

Daniel has worked in diverse fields of business ranging from Financial Services, Insurance, Advertising/Marketing, Publishing and Audio/Visual Production to the running of whole companies as a General Manager and Chief Operating Officer.

He has spent the last several years in the financial services space as the Chief Operating Officer for a multimillion- dollar firm that helps people with Safe Money solutions. He saw how incomplete planning can jeopardize a client’s future.

He moved on to build his own firm with his wife Lisa, Retirement Prosperity Group, to address not only Safe Money Strategies, but also to incorporate every facet of complete retirement Income Planning that retirees and pre-retirees face. Guaranteed Income for Life, Tax Advantaged Solutions, Social Security Maximization, Long Term Care Alternatives and active money management. Daniel looks at all of these pieces as part of every Retirement Prosperity RoadmapTM that is created for each client family. He manages and oversees the Case Design Team and the Retirement Prosperity Roadmap process, as well as the Cash Balance Plan Division, which offers extreme tax relief to high net worth business owners.