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Meg McCartney

Online Marketing Director

Meg McCartney is the online marketing director at Retirement Prosperity Group. She is responsible for reaching potential new clients through email, Facebook and Google. Her creativity and attention to detail is evident in her ability to captivate and engage interest in a targeted market through a Google ad or Facebook video. Meg also assists the firm in planning and organizing client events.

“One key aspect of my personality is making others happy and comfortable,” Meg says. “I tend to be an easy person to talk to, and I’m always looking to make someone smile. I believe that everyone should try to be kind to others, even if you don’t know them, and spread a little positivity in the world.”

After graduating from Arcadia University with her Bachelor of Arts with a minor in business, Meg discovered a passion for marketing and business planning. Her more than 10 years of experience in computer technology, digital marketing and event planning have given her the skills and expertise to optimize the company’s digital presence online.

In her spare time, you can find Meg learning about science and new technologies or playing the latest video game. She also loves spending time with her family, having dinner out at a restaurant or playing outside with her three dogs.