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Investing with a Purpose. Goals Driven Investment Planning.

Message from Founders - Lisa & Daniel Barram

"When it comes to Wealth Management, we believe that the assets you worked for your entire life deserve a goal-based plan that allows you to retire with confidence and live your dreams.

"Whether your goal is Wealth Preservation, Current or Future Income, Capital Growth or a combination of all of them, we help you clarify your goals and build the path to get you where you want to be now and in the future." 

After years of experience working with firms in both the investment and insurance fields, we felt that only aRetirement, Hoslistic Planning, Retirement Planning, 401(k), Annuities, Investing, Financial Services, Financial Future, Savings Account, Retirement Savings, Lisa Barram, Retirement Prosperity Group, Daniel Barram team who had the knowledge and ability to operate independently and offer both investments and insurance solutions would be able to offer complete retirement planning to clients.

We founded Retirement Prosperity Group and Prosperity Advisers, LLC to do just that.

When it comes to wealth management, we believe that your assets deserve active as well as passive management and investment strategies. Asset allocations and strategies that work when you are accumulating wealth in your working years may no longer be appropriate once you near or are in retirement and enter the distribution phase of your life, where you may be relying on your portfolio for income.

We come to this industry with a personal passion to deliver a different experience to families and individuals we serve, from radically transparent education and meeting processes to a true partnership in their planning and guidance.

An RIA is legally bound to work in your best interest. Under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, registered investment advisers are held to a fiduciary standard of care. By law, they must ensure that each investment recommendation that they make is in your best interest.

That is why we founded Prosperity Advisers, LLC, and have Daniel Barram as our Investment Adviser Representative.

We have partnered with investment and fund management teams that have decades of institutional investment experience and, having managed money in both bull and bear markets, are well suited to offer diversified solutions for clients who want their assets actively managed and passively in today’s ever-changing and sometimes volatile market.

Whether your investment goal is preserving principal, maximizing income or accumulating capital, our investment team will design a strategy to help achieve your long-term investment goals.

The managers we work with manage over $520 Billion in assets and have built portfolios based on the science of capital markets with decades of research guiding the way.


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