RPG in Inc. Magazine: Your Team Can Make or Break Your Business–Here’s How

To grow your company, it’s time to rethink how you lead your people.

Today we need innovators and problem solvers everywhere in an organization and we need shared accountability and ownership from everyone. This is the foundational perspective that will push culture to turn invigorating. It seems like an abstract idea. In some cases, it is. In others, not so much. The past was truly a simpler time (but not a very exciting one). So why are companies still holding onto these outdated organizational designs, human resource systems and (boring) leadership practices rather than finding the courage to change them?

The modern workforce requires leaders and employees alike to authentically transform their organizations into environments that are integrated and aligned with the organization’s mission, vision, values, and goals. And it starts with getting everyone involved. It starts with a new mindset viewing people as extraordinary and that form follows function.

“Today’s teams have to work outside of the box,” says Lisa Barram, President at Retirement Prosperity Group. “With increased challenges in today’s volatile stock market and low interest rate environment my team has to coordinate like never before and know what each other is doing and thinking. Each member must rise to executive level problem solving to find innovative solutions to best serve clients. To us, a true team is people who cooperate with one another to push forward the firm’s mission – putting client needs first.”

This type of unity results in high-energy, high-performance, highly innovative company cultures, with people who are excited to go to work. The greatest change for leaders was learning to engage and value the people. To many of us, this is obvious, like a “well, duh” moment from an Intro to Leadership 101 class. But when leaders empower their employees to think they are great (because they are) and challenge them to be leaders themselves, innovation will start popping up everywhere.

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