Founders Lisa and Daniel Barram Meet Michael Kitces

This past week our Founders, Lisa and Daniel Barram, had the great opportunity to attend a meeting where Michael Kitces was a featured speaker. Michael holds 8 graduate degrees and designations including Certified Financial Planner, Chartered Financial Consultant, Registered Health Underwriter. He holds 17 years in the Financial Planning field and has conducted over 50 Annual Speaking Engagements. But more notably he authors a well-read advisor blog called the Nerd’s Eye View.

“Ultimately, financial planning is about helping people change their behavior for the better. But you can’t help people choose which opportunities to take advantage of along the way unless you have a sound base of technical knowledge to apply the best skills, tools, and techniques to achieve their goals in the first place.”           

                               -Michael Kices

Very helpful information about the industry, views were shared about how the industry is shifting from transactional sales practices in the Broker world to a more relationship-driven Fiduciary model, which is gaining momentum and popularity both with consumers and advisors.
We are very excited to be part of this shift and to have had a chance to finally meet Michael in person.

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